Last importand Infos

(You can download this Info here as pdf)

working clothes
sleepling bag or linen
good shoes
bathing clothes (lake available)
Power-Plug-Adapter for electric equipment if needed
importand medicine for you.
Shoes that cover your feat – if you want to clim with sonja and christina on 2nd. september

To get the refund and the funding of the EU for the workshop we need your tickets from the bus or the train. We can cover 70% of the expences of a 2nd class ticket for 15 people. The expences of a car can be covered as well with 70% of 0,22€/km.
If you go with the train or the berolina-bus please ask other travelers for their tickets. We can use them for people who travel a different route or go on another date! Hint: You can tell them, that you need the ticket for an „art project“, then you don’s have to „explain“ so much… ;-)

The Berolina-bus is leaving daily at 10.40 h from behind the Kopenhagen train station and costs 300 DK. [ ]

To come to KuBiZ:
Don‘t buy individual long-term tickets. We can use group-tickets together to get around cheaper. Only for your first trip to KubIz you can buy a Standard AB-Ticket which is 2.30€ – you can use it in the S-Bahn, Bus, Tram, Subway but only in one direction. It is valid for the whole town.

Arriving in Berlin via Bus (Bus-sation ZOB Messe):
Go to the S-Bahn trainstation „Messe Nord/ICC“ Train „S41“ to „Graifwalder Straße“. Exit and go down. Take the TRAM „M4“ Direction „Hohenschönhausen Zingster Str.“ or „Falkenberg“. Exit the train at „Buschallee“.

Arriving in Berlin at Alexanderplatz (S-Bahn from Hauptbahnhof etc.):

Take the TRAM „M4“ Direction „Hohenschönhausen Zingster Str.“ or „Falkenberg“. Exit the train at „Buschallee“.

In direction of the tram go to the left in the street „Gartenstraße“. Cross „Falkenberger Str.“ and enter the foodpath through the building. Go strait Where the path gets tiny you can see the KuBiZ Buildung strait on. It’s about a 5-minute walk from the tram-station.
The adress is: Bernkasteler Str. 78, 13088 Berlin

Check this map:

If you don‘t find it or have questions call: (+49) 0176 495 598 08 (The phone will be ready from wednesday till the end of the gathering – so it’s as well the emergency-phone.